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As professors of mathematics and English courses, we appreciate how Internet materials for online courses, partially online courses, and fully on-campus courses can be both constructive and constrictive for pedagogical needs. One of us teaches fully online courses; one of us prefers to teach on-campus or hybrid (partialy online) courses. We do not claim to be knowledgable of all possible approaches for teaching with online materials, but we believe we have a solid appreciation of how some tools can be useful, as well as how other tools can be useless--indeed, even limiting. In other words, we appreciate how technology can get in the way of teaching, and we are interested in finding and sharing ways to avoid such struggles. We are not interested in selling anything: this information is being shared in the spirit of collegial empowerment for all. Below is a list of brick-and-mortar seminars and workshops that are currently available.

Workshops & Seminars
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